Undercover Shopper…

So, as you can see from before, the Advertising Standards Authority – ASA, said that in order for us to make a complaint to them, Diesel must first of all have some form of marketing that can be taken away from the store and thus the undercover shopper came to life.

About half an hour ago, I walked into my local Diesel store (45 Buchanan St, Glasgow) and straight away clocked some “goodies” on the counter! Free Porn Post Cards (perfect for sending to your Nanna!) so anyway, I went up to the clerk and asked her if she had a catalogue; as my mum didn’t have the internet and really wants to get my little brother (which i do not have) a pair of jeans for his birthday in 2 weeks…

No… they don’t have a catalogue but they do have a shinny Porn Mag of this springs latest Denim collection and  that i could just… have! like that… like it doesn’t even make her blush, so i asked, how much are the post cards and i even said, “they are perfect” (thinking about how much Diesel is a the creek on this one now) and they too are FREE! So now my Nanna might get a Porn post card from me after all… (fortunately for her sake she passed away before she saw these images), So then i thanked the woman and scurried out the shop only to phone my co-campaigner and tell her this loving story about

 FREE PORN ON THE HIGH STREET* that you can take home!

So that’s it folks, We have all we need to complain!

Go ahead and call

 ASA – 020 7492 2222

Trading Standards through Consumer Direct – 08454 04 05 06

and don’t forget to write to Diesel!

with love to all the Men and Women who are supporting our Campaign AGAINST DIESEL!

Diesel Discriminates



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