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Calling All Feminists!

Sex Sells* Unfortunately Discrimination Doesn’t Diesel is trying to utilise pornographic iconography to highlight their denim/ jeans and in doing so offending many people.
Not to mention that such explicit images would not be seen by young children in any other situation. Diesel jeans are currently being advertised on the European market with the Slogan, “Sex sells* unfortunately we sell jeans”.
The images that are being utilised can be seen in many ways, from objectification, sexual exploitation, body fascism or even titillating soft porn; either way the women and men in these images are predominantly shown topless, sprayed with water mimicking sweat and imitating sexual positions or a willingness to carry out a sexual act. Diesel have then branded these images in bold red lettering with window displays flashing the branding in red neon lights – giving connotations of red-light districts and prostitution and in one particular Diesel store in mannequin legs have even been entangled in sexual positions with explicit statements of what the sexual positions are and how one may carry this out. In Holland, Diesel have used real women to dance in shop windows wearing nipple tassels and jeans evoking the sense of the Dutch brothel’s where sex really does sell.

 On the 15th of March 2010 around 8pm two young women we walking down their high-street and were dumbfounded by what they were witnessing, “Could Diesel really show such lude images without complaints?” The red lights seemed to shine even brighter in the night and after much debate in front of the shop window, they decided to take action. First the call to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) who generally deals with… well Advertising, but ASA said that the marketing was within the store and thus they had no jurisdiction over it and that a complaint must be made with Trading Standards. So, the call to trading standards was made and the answer was, “this is not within our remit, you would have to call the police for [the marketing’s] indecent exposure.” A call that has yet to be made due to the fact that this is not just happening in one city but in every city with a Diesel store, not to mention the fact that the police will fall to the floor in fits of laughter over the fact that two women don’t like an advert in a shop window.

 It is not about which Discourse in Feminism that is right for this campaign but the fact that somewhere in the pit of your stomach you know that Diesels Campaign is wrong. It doesn’t matter what your reasons are, just that you have a reason. In order for us as a campaign team to take this further we need our numbers to grow and be stronger, so please log on to our blog at for more information, and click on the link to our facebook group and become a fan.

After all do you really want our nations children to be exposed to this kind of media, media that should be stopped under the UNCRC (United Nations Convention’s on the Rights of the Child) Article 19 that should protect our children, Media that strips away parental rights for educating our children safely and Media that portrays both women and men in a pornographic iconography on our streets. We know that Diesel is just the tip of the iceberg; we know that there are more than just these images out there, but Diesel is the only one on the High street that clearly demonstrates that it is okay to use pornographic iconography, it is ok to brand today’s youth as nothing more than pimps and whores. Let’s stop this NOW!


Press Release

and our new facebook pic!

Diesel's real slogan!

Over the weekend a decision will be made by the Diesel Discriminates Campaign team on whether or not we shall be publishing a press release on the campaign.
This action is a repercussions of Trading Standards and ASA being so lax in response to our complaints and is not something that we are taken lightly as it could affect our campaign in a negative way by giving Diesel more publicity than they should have.

After all it is clear that Diesel Objectifies and exploits women and promotes this behaviour to our children!

Please let us know your thoughts and feeling. We promise to taken them into consideration.

With love to you all,

Diesel Discriminates

Please note that you have untill 6pm Sunday to put forward your opinions as the press release must go out on monday.

Trading Standards

At 4.27pm today word came through from Trading Standards… the outcome is not so good.

I was told that our complaint is not within their “remit” and was told that we would need to complain to the police on the grounds that it is an obcenity… I wonder what the police would say…laugh!

So it is time to up our game and be taken seriously! The campaign team has now been given support from Labour students and an MSP whose name must remain anonymous for the time being. So lets start taking this to our own MPs lets start hounding Trading standards for answers because it is up to us now to fight the good fight and not to let this grind us down and make us give in! (A quick thanks to K for the pep talk)

So tell your friends, your families and people you meet in the streets…

let’s get rid of chauvinism, let’s get rid of objectification and let’s get rid of porn on our high streets!

Dont give in folks, we can do this.

with love from

Diesel Discriminates

Undercover Shopper…

So, as you can see from before, the Advertising Standards Authority – ASA, said that in order for us to make a complaint to them, Diesel must first of all have some form of marketing that can be taken away from the store and thus the undercover shopper came to life.

About half an hour ago, I walked into my local Diesel store (45 Buchanan St, Glasgow) and straight away clocked some “goodies” on the counter! Free Porn Post Cards (perfect for sending to your Nanna!) so anyway, I went up to the clerk and asked her if she had a catalogue; as my mum didn’t have the internet and really wants to get my little brother (which i do not have) a pair of jeans for his birthday in 2 weeks…

No… they don’t have a catalogue but they do have a shinny Porn Mag of this springs latest Denim collection and  that i could just… have! like that… like it doesn’t even make her blush, so i asked, how much are the post cards and i even said, “they are perfect” (thinking about how much Diesel is a the creek on this one now) and they too are FREE! So now my Nanna might get a Porn post card from me after all… (fortunately for her sake she passed away before she saw these images), So then i thanked the woman and scurried out the shop only to phone my co-campaigner and tell her this loving story about

 FREE PORN ON THE HIGH STREET* that you can take home!

So that’s it folks, We have all we need to complain!

Go ahead and call

 ASA – 020 7492 2222

Trading Standards through Consumer Direct – 08454 04 05 06

and don’t forget to write to Diesel!

with love to all the Men and Women who are supporting our Campaign AGAINST DIESEL!

Diesel Discriminates