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Welcome to the Anti-Diesel Campaign!

On Friday the 19th of March my best friend and I decided to grab some dinner and then have a cocktail in a near-by restaurant when we were suddenly hit by images of topless women and women in sexual posses in our local Diesel store (45 Buchanan Street, Glasgow).

To view video of Buchanan Street store go to;

The images were so provocative that we stood staring at them in complete shock and horror, and tried to find reasons why the company was allowed to show such pornographic images on one of Glasgow’s busiest streets. The Images that they are showing highlight the sexual objectification of women, red neon signs that flash across the breast of the women exclaiming, SEX SELLS* unfortunately we sell jeans, provoking connotations of brothels and the red light district. The women in these pictures were only wearing jeans and it wasn’t untill we got closer that we realised that they were covering their nipples with their elbows.  The men in the pictures looked happy and content almost gloating over their so-called women, as the women straddled them and posed on sofas…

In the window on the other side of the shop entrance hung  jeans that were over mannequin legs and entwined in sexual positions, SEX SELLS wall paper as a background image, and in the foreground, smeared across the windows; detailed explanations of the sexual position that are being carried out. Just there in the middle of the street for anybody to see… for any child to see…

On further research of Diesels campaign i have found more and more images of women being objectified, and in once case i found a video on Youtube that demonstrates how widely accepted these images are: A topless girl wearing nipple tassels and Diesel jeans dances in the shop window booth. SEX SELLS is her back drop. Inside the store they are selling adult toys and have do not disturb signs on the changing room doors!

All that i have seen from the fashion industry so far is Praise! PRAISE?!

Well, what would you expect from an industry that exploits and objectifies women anyway? a big juicy slice of pie?

No, lets not be so stupid, they want us to be skinny…
But how can they give Praise to something that is so narrow-minded? so lacking in equality?

These images have no BME, LGBT or Disabled people in them… “it’s just good old white heterosexual lovin”… or at least that’s what they want you to believe anyway.
We need to stop this, we need to stop this now, so please have a look at the pages that are up here, look at the images the videos and Diesel themselves and lets start campaigning to


Will keep all posted of what is going on and more on what we are doing to stop this!

With lots of love to all who read this from,

Diesel Discriminates