What is sexual objectification?

Sexual Objectification is where a member of society treats another as though they were an object and that this object is there for that persons sexual pleasure.

Women in today’s society face a constant onslaught of objectification, through magazines, films, advertisement and TV shows to name but a few. They are told that they need to be thinner, tighter, firmer, younger, well preened, well dressed and sexy. They are told this because it is what is expected of them, what men expect of them… They are portrayed in magazines and advertisement with thinner bodies, longer legs, bigger eyes, bigger breasts, fuller lips, whiter teeth, wrinkle free, spot free, cellulose free, perfect hair, perfect skin…. but really the fashion industry has altered these images to make them more appealing, more sexy, more false.

Images that 40 years ago would be seen as pornographic. Covers of mens magazines sit in plain sight of our children, magazine with semi-nude women pouting their lips, wearing fetish clothing ie. rubber, wearing underwear/swim wear, sucking on lolly pops and in some case wearing nothing at all, with only strategically place objects covering nipples/breasts.

These images were created for MEN, these images OBJECTIFY Women. These Images cause women serious harm with regards to Body dismorphia, eating disorders, depression, low self-esteem and more. These Images strip women of empowerment, they allow women to suffer at the hands of men and at the hands so-called fashion industry.

It is time to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

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